In Shadow Of His Possessions 

These words are all mine

These words are all I know. 

But oh, do they really belong to me?? 
No, no they don’t!!! 

They all belong to him. 

He brought me here, 
To this world of words. 

He wrapped me in these words protecting me from own my mind. 

I was a lost soul, 
I was a wanderer. 

He gave me a place where I belong. 

I cannot deny he has me 
And he will have me, 

For forever and ever. 

Till my veins have these blue black words flowing on blank pages, 
He has me for forever and ever. 

I belong to him in every world which exist, 
And he belongs to me in my all blank pages. 


51 thoughts on “In Shadow Of His Possessions 

      1. My pleasure I feel very happy in spreading happiness around cause somewhere I expect others to do the same for me too if we give happiness only then we will receive it back. ❤❤❤


      2. Yes you said it very rightly. Believe me there are few people who makes every happy but also at the same time always remains dependant on others for their happiness. Ideally it’s should not, but unfortunately I also fall in that category. Keep spreading happiness!!😊😊

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