Bleed Like Never Before

Don’t just write,

Live what you write.

Make words your life,
Words of dreams,Words of happiness,

Words like fresh morning dew drops,

Words like stars in dark night sky,

Sparkling words,

Magical words.
Make these dark words to glittering colors,

Let them take you to dreamy land of your sunshine,

Make words come to life.

Write till you feel to life again,

 Write till each word washes away your sadness darkness,

Write to spread your love your happiness,

Write like you want to live.

Bleed off these words you’re carrying in your veins,

Break off these walls of you’re mind, 

Uncage these words don’t be a prisoner of your own mind,

Let the ink bleed,

Like you have never bleed before.

Stain these pages with your words.

What you want to live like.


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