Mystery Blogger Award and Liebster Award

Hey Friends!!!! How have you all been, its been so many days right!!! I hope you all had a very nice day and if not then why not to begin it from now onward.  Yep smile up everyone god has gifted us yet another day to make it sunny shiny  or  if you're in love [...]


The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey fellow readers!!! Another beautiful day comes to an end, I'm writing this post sitting on my terrace it's was twilight when I started.  I could smell the fresh aroma of rain in the air I think it will be raining again soon yes, monsoon has knocked its door every where.  Well, before I forget [...]

Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thanks Riya for my very first nomination. Thank you so much Riya she is an awesome and bright blogger who writes about beautiful quotes and yes don't forget to follow her to see her amazing posts. The Rules: 1) Display the award on your blog. 2) Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide [...]