The Muses Dance

The muses dance.
They never stop,

not even when

you turn the music off.

They are not selective,

they never desert,

they always whisper

even when unheard.

You think you are alone,

the only one in the room,

but the muses spin

around and through.

They do not do the work

for you;

they simply inspire,

keep the embers lit

for your future fires.

Close your eyes

and hear your heart;

beneath and within

the beats

lies the power

that ignites

the pen

that paints

the images

that swirl


There is no plan,

there never was.

You simply release that

from the place it’s been pent up,

and magic happens

when it meshes with

those muses dancing

to the music,

and when it lands

upon the canvas,

your ears can hear

the song that’s been playing

all along, eager

to be sung.

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