Acceptance of things as they are And not as they should be Can be difficult sometimes But presence of such a simple acceptance In absence of denying truth which life presents us with, Decreases the saddness which comes after as camouflage of happiness mist breaks away in daylight of truth. ❤❤❤


Hands to heart…

His fingers were closed hiding themselves And I wanted to find them slowly open them up for me Clasp my fingers around his And hold them close to me Bring our close linked hands Close to my heart Close to the love beating of his within...

The Muses Dance

The muses dance. They never stop, not even when you turn the music off. They are not selective, they never desert, they always whisper even when unheard. You think you are alone, the only one in the room, but the muses spin around and through. They do not do the work for you; they simply [...]