I said yes…

The day
In rains of love,
Our hearts swirled,
Blooming roots of love,
Bounded us in there,
Binding us in glittering promises of forevers to come.

I couldn’t move any further,
But to stood still there,
Getting drenched in showers of love rains with you.

Shivering I fell,
Only for you to have me,
Wrapped up in warmly presence of yours.

I tried to move away,
Only to realize I couldn’t go away any further,
Your eyes held me there capturing me in them.

Blooming flowers of love tied us in one,
Spreading fragrance of our love.

Giving up everything I stood there,
Looking through eyes of yours,
Smiling through smile of yours.

I said yes,
When you asked me,
Will I be yours forever,
I said yes!!
I said yes!!

Giving up myself to become all yours,
Losing to have me in us,
I said yes!!!




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