Love Imprisoned

Girl Trapped In Glass Cage (Part 1) She was afraid to break the glass cage, Cause she knew it was to keep the cruel world away from her, Within those walls was her world, her everything she ever knew about. But when she felt his presence behind those walls she wanted to reach him. But [...]


Lines Drawn

I told you to go away, when all I wanted was you to stay with me and hold me close to you. I told I didn't wanted you, when you were the only one I wanted all a long.  I told you to leave me alone, when all I wanted was to be alone with [...]

About you

They asked me if I knew you, They asked me If I was ever in love with you, They asked me if you ever broke my heart, They asked me how I never knew about the real you, They asked me about you. Your name your memories your love for me, They asked everything everything [...]