Lines Drawn

I told you to go away, when all I wanted was you to stay with me and hold me close to you. I told I didn't wanted you, when you were the only one I wanted all a long.  I told you to leave me alone, when all I wanted was to be alone with [...]

About you

They asked me if I knew you, They asked me If I was ever in love with you, They asked me if you ever broke my heart, They asked me how I never knew about the real you, They asked me about you. Your name your memories your love for me, They asked everything everything [...]

Burned To Ashes & Dust

Once I had a beautiful night forest within me.  There were magical lights, stars, several butterflies, night creatures glowing magically in dark singing fairy songs all the night long. My heart ws a hidden lake souls of ancients were layed deep beneath my skin.   But then he came along with the brightest sun I [...]